Me, Myself and I

Hi, my name it Tallulah and I am 21 year old Psychology graduate. By some miracle I have just completed my final year of university. Yet, with that suddenly I have realised that adulthood has arrived, laid itself dauntingly down upon my front door and with it it brought an obyss of decisions. If only we could simply skip back a few chapters and enjoy the bliss of no committments, free food and free accomodation – courtesy of the parents. Alas, that time has passed and there has been no word of doctor who-esk transportation device in the works . So, it appears the only option is to proverbaly ‘grow a pair’ and strive onwards. This blog for me is in part a creative outlet, but also potentially a means for me to begin the journey to figure out the direction of my future.

I hope you take a read and enjoy the articles I create. For, I believe personally critical analysis of current events and the world we inhabit is of utmost importance and necessary to create a better, more enlightened world.  And yes I’m 21, so what do I know right? Although I’m sure you’ll agree, that in this dystopian universe where Trump is President of the USA and inequality is rife, there is a great deal to question and to passionate about. So, despite my ‘millenial snowflake’ status, I feel compelled to discuss relevant current events that matter to myself and hopefully to others too.


“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

 Herman Melville

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