Grenfell fire : An issue of inequality?

In times of human tragedy, complex issues that are so often unclear become illuminated. The tower block fire in West London was such a case. Last year on the 14th of June 2017, Grenfell tower block was engulfed by fire and killed 71 people, acting as a torch to highlight the blatant inequality in the... Continue Reading →

Power, privilege and workplace harrassment

Harvey Weinstein, synonymous with the scandal that surrounds him, stands accused of over 70 separate incidents of sexual misconduct, including charges of rape, assault and rampant workplace harassment. Ashley Judd was the first woman to go on record with the New York Times about her first hand experience with the Mira-max mogul. Instead of being... Continue Reading →

Me, Myself and I

Hi, my name it Tallulah and I am 21 year old Psychology graduate.┬áBy some miracle I have just completed my final year of university. Yet, with that suddenly I have realised that adulthood has arrived, laid itself dauntingly down upon my front door and with it it brought an obyss of decisions. If only we... Continue Reading →

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